The use of the business angels for your company to build

If you your family, friends and your bank for funds to help your business, and a bit to briefly mentioned, the next step, business angels are paid. These are the people, who have one or more successful companies themselves and want to diversify its interests in other companies.

Tend a business angel, investing up to $250 k USD, but in General feels more comfortable sharing the risks with other angels. For example, if you decided that you need a quarter of a million dollars, an Angel probably like to use in the half, when an another Angel. This does not mean that he or she will be introduced in this amount. This only means that it probably should be combined with an other Angel, which invested the same amount. And, of course, if you have already saved some investment of your family or friends, who will feel better, because the risk is dilute, that much more.

Not all angels are for amounts limited maturity oil-rich Middle East countries have very very rich people, which, if the project meets its standards will invest their own several million dollars. And that's really the hardest part.

Business angels often work through intermediaries, people, the "stable" by angels looking for good investment opportunities. A friend of mine is such a broker and he tells me that the problem is not lack of money, but soon is the lack of good projects.

Business angels want a brief overview of your business. It must be formally written business plan. This is quite what the investors want. A well written document can be a short one side. Must be reviewed by the broker to find out what is preferred.

Here are some items that you want to include in your resume: what you are selling is a good estimate of how much of the market you can get the time, and the expected profit or loss for the first three years for what period of time. You can questions for a percentage of your company and/or location for your motherboard, if you have one. This is not because they your company but manages will want because they want to protect their investment. But, what you do you to at least 51% of your company.

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