A Call to All Young Entrepreneurs

A Call to All Young Entrepreneurs: Leverage for Your Small Home Based Business

Being a young entrepreneur, your small business is only as good for all those people who know about it. And for those who don't know, well they simply don't care.

After all the hardships you have gone through while starting up your business. After all those attempt to give it all up and return back to more secured corporate living. After all the risks you have to pass through. And now that you have toughed them all, the only aim that you now have is to make your small business grow.

Well, that actually is not as simple as it may sound. Making your small business grow will lead you to more compromises. This entails you to take further risks. It is harder this time of course because you are delving into deeper realms of risk. Sometime, the absence of assurance for success will make it more difficult for you to get on through the next level.

One of the many paths to growth from your youth in entrepreneurship towards maturity is to spread words of your small home based business. You may posses the best of the products in the industry but there would be no sense to them if the only people who know are those that are within your block. Your product may have the potentials of breaching million dollar sales but if no one buys it, there is no sense in dreaming of becoming a tycoon.

Start promoting yourself and your services. Some small home based business young entrepreneurs begin promoting their products even before they were fully launched. However, there are many who do promotions only when they have tapped the estimated potentials of their items. You always have the choice between the two though.

There are two basic techniques that you may use to take your small home based business into the scene. One is through paid advertisement and the other through public relations.

Paid advertisements require the process of negotiating with advertising agencies and stations to have your product promoted. Mediums like televisions, websites, newspapers and radio spots are among the most typical options you have.

In public relations however, you would have to ask an author to have your story and your business venture written on articles or an expert as search reference. The only problem though is that you have to be convincing or your story must have that extra pop so as to be worthy of mention.

While publicity may oftentimes require you to share the toll of finding a writer to work for your home based business, there is still no way for you to disregard the benefits of having your story advertised. It also has cost effective feature since you seldom pay for such an advertising medium. But the better part goes with the truth that you can be better remembered with an article rather than in a TV commercial. People normally have more trust on a write-up rather than paid advertisement showed in TV or in the internet. Publicity also offers the potentials of reaching through various people and if you have that good streak of luck, the national audience may be reached by your story.

Even the online world recognizes that actual power of television advertisements than using links and postings on message boards. There are many times when the website has become successful because it was featured on a television show. Thus, discarding all the "almost useful" power of drawing people through creating juggling lines of links in the web.

The media works on herd mentality. Once a program caught site of what your home based business has to offer, other programs may have the hitch of spreading the word further. Thus, you can expect other shows to modify your own story to supplement for their own. This is very effective indeed since you will have your advertisement without spending a dime while reaching wide spectrum of audience.

The problem though comes with attracting journalist and writers towards your home based small business story.

Plan your target points. Your aim is to court writers towards writing your tale. Never put them off by sending bulks of email to virtually all journalists that you know. Point only towards those who are in the beat with your story. Identify what publications will find your venture useful and know which kind will use your story. Try making a list of newspapers, radio programs and television spots that will work well with your aim. If you truly want publicity, go direct with personal emails or letters to those who are most likely to find your small home based business story interesting.

Business Opportunities and Quick Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Business Opportunities and Quick Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you one of the women who happened to be yourself, a mom, a wife and a businesswoman altogether? Well, American women seem to have morphed into super ladies who can do any works demanded from them. From house cleaning to child rearing and into developing their own businesses.

Well, there are just too many opportunities for mom entrepreneurs that you may even find yourself overwhelmed when you see the whole spectrum of chancing on the career of your life. You may not have realized it but you see, you have the potential of not only becoming a housewife to you husband or mom to your kids but also the master of your own business unit.

However, not all of us women can tough the tides and perform all our tasks simultaneously. Somehow, we have to sacrifice a thing or another. But this must not be the case. If there is a way that you may find to balance everything, then you no longer would have problems on sacrificing anything. You just have to divide things equally in the many aspect of the life you are trying to pursue.

Being a mom entrepreneur entails you to find your vein, find where you are really good at and find an activity that you love doing and in return would generate an income for you. This way, you need not get tired of your "work' but will only enjoy working on your income.

If you would not want compromising anything from your being you, you can try a business that is home based. Atleast, you can have income while staying at the comforts of your home and while raising your kids. Thinking that this would not allow you focus? Actually, it will.

Think of this- you can help your husband with the support for your finances while rearing your children.

Home based opportunities for mom entrepreneurs

§ Pet-Based Products
There is nothing that indulgent pet owners wont do for their pets. If you can tap on the opportunities that this reality presents, you are sure to be on the road to financial freedom. You may try retailing pet products among your friends first to test grounds. Then go about the block and spread the news. There is too little chance that this wont click. The next phase would deliver you to promoting your products online. There, real business happens.

§ In-Home Beauty Services
Some women just have the talent making people feel good about themselves. You can choose to enterprise on home beauty services. We have this unexplainable contentment when someone knocks to our doors and deliver beauty and youthful look. Well, probably that's one way of experiencing luxury. Being a mom, you can invest less on this while actually earning good cash.

§ Catering services
Great for mom entrepreneurs with passion in kitchen stuffs. Catering doesn't start with big parties alone. Because America has grown too busy to take charge in the kitchen, many families are now finding themselves eating outside for dinner or having their foods brought in from the restaurant. Well, this type of living can be monotonous at times and all we have to do is to create innovations on making dinner a little more exciting while cutting the prices down. If you have the kick for careful planning in preparing and planning nourishment for people, and make appealing foods and deliver them straight to the customers doorsteps then catering services will be a great one for you. Who knows, this might also be a good time for you and your children to spend time.

Those were only three of the business opportunities any mom may try venturing into. Be careful though, as a mom entrepreneur you also have other commitments that you must keep in mind. Commitments to your husband, to your kids, to you business and to your self. And somehow, there'd be days like you cant actually have sufficient time for anyone of them, not even for yourself.

Once you see this coming, take things slow and give a break for yourself. And keep in mind that there should always be a day off from all these. A time for yourself so you wont have to deal with burning out and loosing touch of your goals later.

How Women Entrepreneurs Changed the Face of Business

How Women Entrepreneurs Changed the Face of Business

Alright, let us examine the world of business. Before, business was dominated by men. Change, as it always is, was inevitable. Daring to oppose the male dominated world of business, women entrepreneurs stepped forward and offered some serious competition. Effectively cornering markets that men did not focus fully on, women entrepreneurs managed to beat men in unfamiliar territory.

From this, men learned that underestimating women was a very bad idea. Good thing, they learned quickly about the value of fair treatment of every person. Had they tried to ignore the growing number of women entrepreneurs, men would have found themselves facing downfall.

In true business fashion, men gave way to a compromise. Jacks gave way to Janes, and more women were brought in to different businesses. Killing prejudice in offices and the market took time, but were accomplished. Lately, we have observed how women can accomplish great things.

Moments in history have occurred when women have outperformed men in business. Nowadays, no one can judge you by your gender, but by your accomplishments.

Of course, there is the question of equality. People have been asking, what does equality really mean? Quite a few groups, especially feminists, insist that equality can be attained only if women totally rule everything. Respecting their views is a pretty good way of treating them, as most people have found out. Some people, however, think that their views are twisted in the sense that, equality means that each side should have the same opportunity.

Thankfully, this seems to be the case today. Under today's laws, you can not base a business decision on a person's sex. Very few people now are still narrow-minded enough to look down upon a woman, and these people often end up facing a lawsuit.

Women entrepreneurs changed the world by showing us how women can understand some things better than men can. XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes, we are now officially equal under law. Young people, however, tend to take this fact for granted. Zany teenagers think that equality always existed, and the women entrepreneurs who pioneered the change are forgotten.

And that, my friend, is the story of women entrepreneurs from A to Z.

What do women entrepreneurs face today? Well, as you may have observed, there are a lot of opportunities today that open up the world for women entrepreneurs. These opportunities need to be watched out for and taken advantage of. Thankfully enough, there a lot of places out there where you can get help to get your business going.

Check out the internet. You can find a lot of useful websites and organizations that specialize in helping women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. In fact, the different organizations out there can actually help you realize your dream of owning a globally competitive business.

Remember that you exist in a free-for-all environment. When you stepped into the world of business, you have joined the cycle of kill or be killed. In today's world, you need to have the ability to stand up to every kind of competition and problem.

Women entrepreneurs face the same kind of threats that their male counterparts do. They face the hardship of finding capital, building a customer base, and basically trying to shape their businesses into a globally-competitive machine. You'll need to be able to focus fully on your job and make decisions based on sound reasoning mixed with a bit of human emotion.

Remember that there should always be a balance. Too much of anything can be very bad for you. What you need to do is arm yourself with information. Study yourself and your environment for anything that can either help you, or bring about your downfall. Make sure that you are prepared for anything, bad or good, that can affect your business.

These are but few of the things that the woman entrepreneur of today is facing. However, the technology of today makes it easy for anyone to be competitive in the world of business. You now have the tools at hand that will help you rise above your opponents. However, one question still remains. In order for you to succeed, you must look within yourself and ask: Do you have the will?

Teen Entrepreneurs Be your own Boss

Do you want to earn your own money but you are too young to qualify for a part time job? Do you have the drive to earn money through hard work and perseverance? Would you rather prefer to be your own boss and earn your own money? Then you surely have the raw ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur. These are the beginnings of an entrepreneur: a good business idea, a desire to make good money, an aspiration to become your own boss. Successful businesses grow from these seeds. If you have these, then you should consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Steps to becoming a Teen Entrepreneur

Entering the world of entrepreneurship is not an easy endeavor. It requires a lot of thought and careful thinking. The first step is very important: you must understand and know yourself and what kind of entrepreneur you can be. Evaluate yourself and find out what interests you; what are the things that are most fun to you; what stuff do you know most about. From your answers to these questions, you can find many excellent ideas to start your own business. You should also ask yourself how hard you are willing to work to make your business a success.

Great Ideas for a Teen Entrepreneur

Being a teen doesn’t mean you can not think up a great idea for business. Think creatively and innovatively, explore different possibilities and solutions to problems, observe the latest trends – from these you can surely spot an excellent business idea you can start on. You can also get great entrepreneurial ideas from friends, family, teachers, library research and the internet. Afterwards, you can start researching about your business idea. Strive to know and understand the ins and outs of your prospective business. You should understand that business essentially involves “buying” and “selling”. Some understanding of the law of supply and demand will go a long way.

Got a great business idea! What now?

Now that you’ve found an excellent business idea, ask yourself the following important questions: Is it practical? Will people take notice of it? Will it fulfill a need? Do you have the capability to realize this business idea? Can you deliver high quality products or services? Is there a substantial demand for your business? If not, can you create that demand? Where will you get the capital to finance your business? All these questions must be addressed before you start establishing your business.

Business Ideas for Promising Teen Entrepreneurs

With the huge array of business ideas that are available for the budding teen entrepreneur, finding the one right for you may be a daunting task. Here are some promising business ideas that promising teen entrepreneurs like you may find interesting.

Teen Entrepreneur Idea # 1: Candle Making

Candles are very popular as home d├ęcor and accessories nowadays. You probably have a decorative candle in your bedroom or living room. Why not create your own personalized candles and sell them to your friends and acquaintances. Learning how to make candles is actually quite easy. This makes candle making an excellent idea for money-making. You can start by learning how to make candles and where to buy your materials.

You can find candle making resources and materials from craft stores, community centers and candle-making studios. If you already have family and friends who make candles as a hobby, you can ask them to teach you the basics of the craft. Just be creative and display your artistic nature in the candles you make. Afterwards you can sell your personalized candles to your friends, family members, neighbors, flea markets, bazaars, farmers’ markets, etc. You can also sell your candles through internet malls and eBay.

Teen Entrepreneur Idea # 2: Run Errands

If you like moving around, keeping busy and multitasking, then running errands for other people for a fee can be a good idea for business. As we all know, today’s fast paced lifestyles means that many of the people you know might not have the time to do simple chores such as buying groceries, walking the pet, mowing the loan, washing the car, etc. Why not start your own service business by offering to do these errands for a fee. Ask around your friends, neighborhood and even family members to see if they need someone to do their errands for them. You can also post brochures and flyers that advertise your services.

These are just two of the many business ideas that teen entrepreneurs like you can consider. Just remember that any business endeavor requires hard work and perseverance to be successful. With the right mindset and the right dose of enthusiasm, you can surely start your own business and make money in no time at all.

Typical Stories of Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs.

Typical Stories of Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs. Reading the life stories of successful entrepreneurs anywhere in the globe will almost always have that charming element. Building something out of obscurity, the initial success, problems encountered and the person sticking to it trying to overcome the hurdles, (sometimes at the point of giving up), and then an unknown force from somewhere pushes the entrepreneur up slowly and steadily.

For some it is the failing in a business or two and then, finding the vein – so to speak- sticks it out and eventually succeeds.

For those who succeeded, however modest, there is also always that factor of relentless pushing forward. It is the ability to maintain focus even when faced with hard work and discouragement.

I too found these tales a little mushy at times, too romanticized and often over stretched until I failed in four businesses big time and found out that the same principles work for me.

Whatever your views may be, there is an undeniable over riding characteristic in most entrepreneurs and that is enthusiasm, and the desire to keep on. I don’t believe in the Midas touch either, that is bull, a showing off if you will. Aptitude yes, acumen yes, but just the same, every success has a history of hard work behind it, A kind of preparation.

This is almost the same everywhere. Even in third world countries where the economy could sometimes be so tangled up.

Let us have the Philippines. Successful Filipino entrepreneurs would have done a greater effort here than in many of their counterparts in some places of the world. You may disagree, that is fine. But you see business people thrive on predictability and stability that could result to margins. On the other hand, fluctuating economies would give you a different result. Couple that with a colonial mentality that until today has not yet been totally forgotten and you are in for a sanity check especially when trying to compete with a European or American brand. No way could it work.

But it did. Take for example Tony Tan, a Filipino entrepreneur who started his way, washing the dishes and waiting on tables in his fathers’ small restaurant. In 1975, with the help of his family this Filipino acquired an ice cream franchise. Ice cream parlors were popular then and it was supposed to be a decent and proven formula. But like most popular businesses that are copied, the Ice cream parlor has eventually to be given up. After a good start, the Ice cream business failed. Tony Tan has to start all over again this time it was not ice cream but selling hamburgers. He gave the hamburgers his own twist, and with the help of family members, tweaked  on other fast food items and that was supposed to be the story of it. Obscure beginnings from a country that was supposed to flock to Mc Donald for hamburgers. No one could, in a sane mind, hope to compete with Mc Donald’s right?

Correct. But this successful Filipino entrepreneur is selling today double than that which Mc Donald’s does in the Philippines. The company has, in 25 years expanded to more than 400 branches in the Philippines alone with branches in many parts of the hamburger-loving world.

And then there is Antonina Cesario of Mila’s Lechon.

Lechon for those who wonder is a whole suckling pig roasted over an open pit.

A fresh graduate of Pharmacy from the University of Santo Tomes, one of the more prestigious schools in the Philippines, one would wonder what Antonina Cesario was thinking selling lechon at a time (1968) when a college diploma was a decent way to start a more prestigious career. But I am jumping too fast. Antonina started out not even with a lechon but hawking boiled corn in the streets. After a while, she opened what is termed in the Islands as a Sari-Sari Store which are actually holes in the wall stores that are popular in any typical Filipino neighborhood. It was not enough. In the Philippines, there is about one sari-sari store for every 600 population. Just imagine the competition that one is about to go through.

And so with a few pesos saved, and with a leap of faith, she bought a pig, made a lechon and sold it. No dice. The lechon did not sell at all. The lechon though is a very popular fare in the Philippines. A feast is never complete without it. So the idea persisted. She did a twist to it, selling it by the kilo. From then on, Filipinos does not have to wait for fiestas and other affairs to have lechon on their tables. They can have it any day they want it. Mila’s lechon turned out to be very popular. So popular in fact that the district where Mila’s lechon originated is now termed as the lechon capital of the Philippines. The family then started venturing out to other businesses like restaurants and the selling and distribution of sauces that could be found in any supermarket in the Philippines.

Many more Filipino entrepreneurs have made it. One that makes it more amazing though is these entrepreneurs could thrive even in very difficult circumstances, even when their nations economies are often in the doldrums. Hard work, preparation, persistence; name it, It varies in different people but sustained enthusiasm counts for most. 

Tips on How Entrepreneurs Start a Home Based Small Business

Tips on How Entrepreneurs Start a Home Based Small Business

There are many ways by which entrepreneurs get on the road to success. Some entrepreneurs choose to take advantage of franchise opportunities and from there, move on to greater glory.

There are a lot of things that can be said about franchising. For one thing, franchise opportunities let you penetrate the market with an already-established brand name. People already know the product or service so you won't have to go through the trouble of making a name.

Of course, you have the responsibility to make a name for your business and not just the product. This means you'll have to sell yourself. After all, people can get the product or service from other franchises, so what makes you any different? You'll have to show them that you are different from other businesses even if your products are the same. You'll have to do your best to convince people that getting the product from you is the best decision that they can make.

If you don't think that taking advantage of a franchise opportunity is the thing for you, maybe you should consider starting a small, home based business.

A lot of budding entrepreneurs put up small home based businesses for different reasons. Here are some of them:

1) Lack of funding - most entrepreneurs have small home based businesses because of the simple fact that, as a beginner, most do not have the funding to rent office space.

When you think about it, a small home based business is perfect for a budding entrepreneur. He or she actually gets to save money on the rent of commercial space. We all know how hard it can be to manage finances when you are starting a business, so saving all the money you can is a very good idea.

2) Convenience - for entrepreneurs, small home based businesses can be very convenient. When you think about it, they can stay at home all day and still make a living.

Entrepreneurs find small home based businesses convenient in other ways as well. Much legality is eliminated when you base your venture at home. Getting a lease on a commercial space may sometimes prove too complicated, as compared to having your business at home.

3) Customer base - some entrepreneurs start small home based businesses because of the fact that they may already have an established client base there. Some restaurants, for example, get started because of a person noticing that his or her cooking is very popular around the community.
Now, by starting a restaurant in the home, he or she would already have a customer base, willing to pay her for her cooking.

Many people know just how hard it can be to start your business as an unknown. By basing your business at home, you know that you will already have established connections and you know that people will find it more convenient to go to you for their needs.

Remember that you need to plan properly. Most entrepreneurs' small home based businesses fail because of poor planning. You need to learn how to separate your business finances from your home finances, and learn how to record each correctly.

In order for you to be able to properly handle your business, you might want to consult three people: an Accountant, a lawyer, and an advisor. Between these three people, you can get the big picture of what to expect when running a small home based business as an entrepreneur.

You have to be strong. Many people can tell you that business and personal life don't mix very well. But history has shown that entrepreneurs with small home based businesses often succeed at becoming globally competitive.

Three nerds in a garage have as much chance at succeeding in a business venture as an executive in an office with a view. Technology today has made possible that all resources be within your grasp. All you actually need to do is find the will to take the first step.

There you go: those are just some tips to get you started on that first step. By remembering to take calculated risks, you should be fine in getting your small home based business of the ground, entrepreneur.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Peter Burns Entrepreneurship in Action

Peter Burns Entrepreneurship in Action

Have you heard of the name Peter Burns? If you are familiar of him as one great entrepreneur, then your guess is right! Peter Burns is an acclaimed millionaire and entrepreneur who also teaches the subject Entrepreneur 101 in ASU’s Barret Honors College for over a year.

There are likewise news that circulates that he may team up with the Grand Canyon University this coming May for its launching of the College of Entrepreneurship. Asked as to why he preferred to team up with another school instead of ASU, it appears that Peter Burns first suggested the idea to the ASU but the school seemed uninterested. It was Grand Canyon University who took interest to launch the said proposed degree program.

It appears that Peter Burns is not at all disappointed with ASU’s decision but who knows what really plays on his own mind? He further stressed out that ASU’s decision is right. After all, he knows for a fact that it is not the sole endeavor of a business school.

Out of the reputation harnessed by Peter Burns pops up several other endeavors from other colleges to particularly enhance the students’ capacity to do business. More and more trainings and seminars on entrepreneurial management are coming out here and there in the whole of America. This only shows that the Americans have finally realized the value of molding a potential entrepreneur. And they have visualized that it may be started upon within the confines of the schools.

Imagine yourself being the boss. You control the business. Moreover, you own the business! In fact it is everybody’s dream—to be the owner of the business and to be your own boss! A lot of American people do not want to be lorded over by somebody. And throughout the crowd of college students, being one great entrepreneur is one of their wildest dreams ever.

Being an entrepreneur yourself will allow you to bring into your own pockets tons of handsome income. More than ever, incoming college students already foresee themselves as successful entrepreneurs in the future that is why when they step into the portals of the university, they often take up business-related courses as one stepping stone towards their dreams.

It is without a doubt that Peter Burns’s entrepreneurship ideas are influencing the minds of the college students. More so, the schools administrators have already awakened to this kind of scenario and benefit for their students. 

So why are students more inclined into becoming successful entrepreneurs in the near future? Among the reasons are as follows:

There are several colleges that now offer programs which are related to entrepreneurship whether inside or outside of the business schools so as to achieve the goal of preparing their students in their dreams of starting their very own companies in the near future.

More and more students are getting serious with their chosen fields as inspired by personages such as Bill Gates, Walt Disney, and Michael Dell who are all successful businessmen in their own rights.

There are a lot of people who are surrounded by family members who are business owners themselves therefore all the more motivating them to become one.

The students of today’s generation are more conscious that wealth can only be gained if you know how to work with investments and profits.

They are likewise very much aware that with only a little capital, business can already be put up and just to be expanded when the fruits seem to be advantageous.

To date, the number of enrollees in entrepreneurial degrees is escalating and is foreseen to still commit to a higher growth in the coming years. When asked about the factors that influence them to become entrepreneurs, students make mention of their parents, relatives, idols, and mentors. That is why in these days, it is no longer a shocking news to know that students immediately start building their own companies right after graduation. Some of them even team up with pals and former classmates in getting on with the business.

The education about entrepreneurship that is inculcated into the young minds of the students motivate them to always strive for the best and be open to all the angles and possibilities of the business industry.

How Peter Burns Inspires Entrepreneurs All Over the World

How Peter Burns Inspires Entrepreneurs All Over the World. The story of entrepreneur Peter Burns is a remarkable example of how entrepreneurship works. You see, many people nowadays think that you need to finish a degree in order to become successful. What they fail to realize is that the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, was a college dropout.

Of course, education is very important in the development of a person. It can help you get a great job and a high salary. However, there comes a time in a person's life when he or she has to make a choice. Entrepreneurs often face this decision in life. They encounter great ideas, but they are faced with the choice of risking it all for their great idea or ignoring the urge and continuing on a safe path.

Peter Burns discovered entrepreneurship while he was on his first year in college. He enrolled entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia. Entrepreneurship classes are supposed to encourage the growth of the entrepreneur in you.

The course sure gave life to the entrepreneur in Peter Burns. One assignment that they always give you in entrepreneurship classes is to seek out a potential business and try to form a feasible plan.

This assignment is actually supposed to train your entrepreneurial instincts and allow you to closely observe your environment for any opportunities. Peter Burns, future entrepreneur, thought of doing a business plan on renting mopeds at US vacation spots.

Peter Burns' instructor found the plan simply brilliant and encouraged him to try it out during the summer vacation. Now, many people do not realize the effect entrepreneurship can have on the college student.

You see, even in the world today, college students aren't so sure that their parents' advice about getting a degree actually holds water. When you take a look around you, you'll probably see a lot of people with all sorts of initials and letters after their name suffer the world of unemployment.

You see, we live in a world where connections often matter more than degrees. This world really does not allow employees to rise to the level of success. We live in a nation where the word "employment" means that you're underpaid, overworked, and you work under a person who is always dumber than you.

Kids hear their parents complain about their work all of the time, so why should they believe them when they say that getting an education is the key to a great future? These are the thoughts that enter a young person's mind when they think about their futures.

Now, Peter Burns became an entrepreneur at the encouragement of his teacher. He tried out the business he presented and found that it was actually quite profitable for him. Plus, he was doing what he loved. He was his own boss. What more can a 19 year old ask for?

You see, in the four months of summer vacation, young entrepreneur Peter Burns was able to make 50 thousand dollars.

When you think about it, minimum wage just seems so lame compared to that figure, right? So, young entrepreneur called up his instructor and said the inevitable: he already got started on his road to successful entrepreneurship.

Of course, tourist season was soon over and Peter Burns had to find more customers. He took his business on the road. He started traveling to different tourist spots to find more customers. He had a pretty clear view of his target market. He went to places with plenty of scenery, a long tourist season, and slow traffic. These, according to him, are the best conditions for moped rentals.

Now, the business of Peter Burns has grown to a point where he actually franchises. It just goes to show you that there are things you can learn about business outside school. In fact, entrepreneur Peter Burns' rentals now gross over 1 million dollars a year. You want to hear the good part? It's all in cash.

The success story of entrepreneur Peter Burns doesn't stop there, of course. He may now be thinking about real estate holdings. This just tells you how sheer talent can really compensate for a college degree. Peter Burns got to this point in life all because he made a choice and stuck with it.

How Personal Development Affects an Entrepreneur's Business

How Personal Development Affects an Entrepreneur's Business

An entrepreneur has two factors to face when running a business: Internal and external. The external factor involves the environment, the market, and other components outside the entrepreneur and the business.

The external factors are parts of a business that you have virtually no control over. These factors present the greatest risk to a business considering the fact that you cannot do anything but adapt to them.

External factors include both opportunities and threats. Opportunities are those external factors that can cause your company to prosper, provided you are able to respond to them correctly. Threats are those which can cause your downfall if you do not learn how to adapt. Sometimes, entrepreneurs even experience opportunities turning into threats and vice versa. Of course, a situation either becomes an opportunity or threat based on his or her perception.

Now we come to the internal factor of business. The internal factors include the strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneur and his or her venture. An entrepreneur's personal development affects business because of the plain and simple fact that it is a part of the internal factor.

An entrepreneur's personal development touches business more often than people may think. You see, although more and more people say that separating your personal life from business is very crucial, it is just too hard, if not impossible.

An entrepreneur's personal development affects business because this determines how well an entrepreneur can respond to the external factors. You see, personal development has a great impact on how you take the problems that face you in business.

Many people think that if you develop yourself professionally, then you can let go of your personal life when you are at work. Unless you have multiple personality disorder, however, you cannot just forget about your personal life once you are handling your business. An entrepreneur's personal development affects business because the way an entrepreneur adapts to the external factors is determined by his or her personality.

You see, you may gain the know-how and the facts from school, but character development is only taught by life. So how do entrepreneurs gain personal development?

Well, to tell you the truth, most entrepreneurs get it from their childhood. You see, there's nothing like real life experiences to develop your character. When you have faced different problems and overcome the toughest challenges of life, business can actually be a breeze.

Some entrepreneurs develop their characters through years on the job. This is the reason why experienced entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed than new ones. You see, years on the business can help you cope with the different external factors that you face. Some entrepreneurs can even claim to have desensitized themselves to the different problems that one can face on a business.

However, it is said that the true character of a person is not measured by how long he resists falling, but by how often he keeps getting up. You see, the best kind of entrepreneurial character development for business is how to take your hit and not be defeated.

As an entrepreneur, you will be facing defeats in your life. Bruises will form over your business reputation. Competition will leave you wanting to quit. Despite all these, you need to stand up and be victorious. Even through different trials, you must stand. Financially speaking, you need to lay it all on the line for your dream. Given time, you will realize that all the risks you took were worth the success. Hold on to your dream whenever anything threatens to break you apart. In times of trouble, let the development of your character show.

Juggling personal life and business can be hard for the entrepreneur. Balance is essential to every entrepreneur. Despite the fact that new business ventures need a constant eye, you must learn how to take care of your personal life as well. Learn how to prioritize important things. Here is a lesson: handling life and work is like juggling glass balls. You are afraid to drop one, but trying to keep them all in the air can wear you out. However, you have to realize that some of those balls are actually made of rubber and will bounce back even if you drop them.

Nurse Entrepreneur: Have faith that you can do it

Nurse Entrepreneur: Have faith that you can do it

Had it ever occurred to you that you could start a business of your own? Most nurses turn out to be entrepreneurs. But then while some nursing graduates are confident enough to face the challenge, there are also those who wonder as to whether or not they will be able to handle it. Nurses would often be faced with the question: “Has my nursing course prepared and molded me to be successful in my nursing career practice?” Of course you must think positively. The world of nursing is filled with lessons which you can always take credit for.

After graduation, most nursing students vie for experience. Indeed, they are lucky enough to pass their licensure examinations on the first take. Getting employed allows you to experience the reality of the theories which you had been dealing with all throughout your college years.

Just look closely into the practice of your nursing career and you will soon see opportunities that you can attack so as to become a successful entrepreneur. Who would not want to enjoy the privilege of becoming your own boss? Furthermore, you can gain fame and earn lots of profits! Interesting, right? Then learn to recognize all possibilities that will turn you into a nurse entrepreneur.

What are the tips that you must follow in order to be one great nurse entrepreneur?

First, find out what your real passion is then turn it into one business endeavor. Not all nurses are focused on the vision of growing old in hospitals while taking care of the patients in the most critical conditions. After some years of employment experience in the hospital, most nurses are geared towards some more serious focus other than caring for their patients.

Nurses are not only confined to this task. You as a nursing graduate can land on a teaching job. Why not? After all, you can always share your knowledge to others. If you’ve got the funds, why don’t you spend it to build a legal nurse consultant business?

With this kind of business, you will be able to coach, teach, and mentor future nurses so that they will be able to reach their dreams in the near future. There are always other passions that thrive within your heart. You just have to listen to that little inner voice that whispers to your ears.

Second, you must realize that you’ve got the power to rule over the destiny of your career. As others claim it, we make our own destinies. It is rather true since the fall or success of a person depends upon how he manages his own life. In the case of a critically ill patient, not only will medications make him recover.
It is also his own willingness to be cured those matters. It can be said that the healing process undergone by the patient is likewise dependent upon his own sense of controlling and empowering such action. In relation to your nursing career, you decide for the success and security of your future. If you inculcate in your mind that there is nothing more that you can do, then it will likely happen. But if you bear in your mind that there is some more fruitful future for your nursing career, then it will surely happen.

Third, never ever let fear overpower you. When fear has overpowered you, you will likely be left helpless and desolated. Moving on with your being a nurse entrepreneur will naturally be faced will a lot of obstacles particularly from the people that surround you. If you give in to your worst fear, you will instantly be left paralyzed. Just shake off those positive thoughts and give way to positive vibes. It is all about facing your fears and hanging on with the challenge. After all, nurses are capable of doing anything. Do not just confine yourself to the healing of patients.

Fourth, you can never achieve success if you don’t work hard for it. How can you be earning profits if you will not work? How can you become a nurse entrepreneur if you will not start with your investment? Therefore, just hone your skills and be ready to face the challenge. Remember that your success will always depend on how you persevere.

Why it is Vital for an Entrepreneur to Get a Network of Business Opportunities

Why it is Vital for an Entrepreneur to Get a Network of Business Opportunities

The best and successful entrepreneurs will simply give out the advice that communication is very vital when starting up with any business opportunity at hand. The image of the business opportunity needs to be boosted up and will be a sort of positive guide to come up with networking. In such manner, the business will gain a good reputation as its image is being built up. Moreover, networking will provide your business with a good shot particularly for the benefit of the target consumers you are eyeing on. It will be best to read up for some guides on how to start things up.

So how should you get on with networking? How do you start? Where do you start? Before you release a dollar from your pocket, you first must consult the experts. Take some time to investigate and research. Go to the library. Surf the internet. Simply bear the words research, research, and research in your mind and discover if entrepreneurial opportunities are fit for you and learn the ways to deal with the trade the successful way. Furthermore, evaluate and analyze your own self as honestly as possible. Do not entertain biases.

First things first. Make a list of all the pros and cons regarding your business ownership venture. What are your characteristics and personal qualities that you think will make you a potential entrepreneur who will be successful in the craft? Is your financial position stable and tough to be able to manage the impeding competition? Do you possess the needed management and technical skills? Remember that you cannot be the most perfect entrepreneur there is in the field but you can always strive for the best. Therefore start up conceptualizing how you would market your business through networking.

Some of the Basic Steps to Deal With

Come up with a feasibility study of your proposed business. Don’t forget to include and describe the typical customers you are targeting on, the product you will be marketing, the percentage of the competitors that you will be sharing the floor with, the product suppliers that you will be negotiating with, and the rate that you will be charging for your product.

Draft the complete list of the business plan intended for your company utilizing the data that you’ve gotten from the feasibility study that you’ve conducted. This must include the description of your business, its missions, objectives, and goals, the competitors, the type of target crowd in the market, all of the financial data needed, and lastly, the manner on how your goals will be materialized.

Set up a definite plan to stabilize your finances. Think about securing loans, making use of credit cards, or any of your personal savings.

Decide on the structure of your company. Will it be a sole proprietorship, incorporation or partnership?

Carefully decide on the name of the company and ensure its availability. As tested by many, the name itself influences the flow of the business and the outpour of the customers.

Decide on how you want your company to be registered. Will it be federally or provincially?

Contact the necessary agencies that will process your business registration. Secure the important documents and licenses as well.

Think about the materials that you will need for networking and marketing purposes such as company stickers, identity packages, press kits, and the personal company website. The identity package will have to include your business cards, logo, and letterhead. The press kit includes in line the press releases, letters of introduction, biography sheets, brochures, and articles. Today’s age is technologically-operated so printed materials would not suffice. It pays off to put up a website.

Purchase the needed insurance. For your business and employees’ benefits, there are several kinds of insurance to choose from. Insurances are needed for security reasons.

Make a system of keeping track of your finances and bank accounts. This will likely make the record-keeping stable and convenient.

Decide on the location of your business. Will you be leasing? Or is it your own property? Where will you locate it?

After you’ve learned of these steps, better get up now and start working on their realization! Remember that any business opportunity must be well-thought of and carefully carried out.

How Hard Can the World be for Mom Entrepreneurs?

How Hard Can the World be for Mom Entrepreneurs?

Motherhood can be a very fulfilling, yet frustrating time for a woman. You see, motherhood can actually prevent women from accomplishing many of the goals they have set for themselves.

Nowadays, it is only proper that both parents share the responsibility of rearing a child. However, we cannot deny the fact that mothers often have a harder time. In this line of thinking, what do you think mom entrepreneurs face in today's world?

Well, many moms actually find that being an entrepreneur is much better than being an employee. You see, when you are a mom entrepreneur, you are your own boss. This means you will be able to balance time between taking care of a child and making money. Being a mom entrepreneur also gives you the advantage of choosing where to go and when.

Mom entrepreneurs actually do not have it so hard nowadays as they did a few years back. You see, technology today has evolved to a point that it makes being an entrepreneur quite easy, whether you are a mother or not.

Mom entrepreneurs nowadays can actually take care of business even when they are at home. The technological marvel of the internet actually means that being a home-based mom entrepreneur has a lot of advantages.

Mom entrepreneurs nowadays have a chance at becoming globally competitive, as the internet actually allows people from all over the world to do business with you. Mom entrepreneurs also have a number of opportunities out there for them to take advantage of. You see, a mom entrepreneur nowadays has a much bigger chance of making a lot of money than being a mom employee.

What does it take to be a mom entrepreneur? Well, if you want to join the ranks of the 10.6 million women who own businesses and generate 2.5 trillion dollars annually, you'll have to have the character of a mom entrepreneur.

You'll need patience and lots of it. Taking care of a child and of a business at the same time can be pretty frustrating. In order to be a mom entrepreneur you have to learn how to keep your cool even during the direst of situations. You need to be patient with your children as well as your business.

You also need to be prepared for any kind of problem that you might face. As a mom entrepreneur, you will be facing a huge amount of pressure. All you need to do is to think to yourself: "I am a mom! I know I have been through worse!"

There are some ways how you can ease the pressure of being a mom entrepreneur. For one thing, you could consider getting some help. Hiring a nanny would be a pretty good idea since you won't always have time for your kids. You see, even if you control your time, there are some instances when your business would require you to work in unconventional times.

Getting support from your family is crucial in being a mom entrepreneur. You need somebody there who can make you believe even if you are full of doubt. Who you need is someone to hold you up when the problems are trying to beat you down. People need to understand you when your business is going through a rough time. However, you should remember that not all people appreciate being treated like shock absorbers all the time.

When deciding to become a mom entrepreneur, be sure that you will be venturing into a business involving something you love. You do not want to add to your frustrations by taking on a business that you just hate. Think of your interests and try to get an idea from there. Mom entrepreneurs who do this end up the most successful, because they make money doing something they love.

What you need to understand is that being a mom will not hinder you from being an entrepreneur. Don't feel that the world is trying to bring you down because of your being a mom entrepreneur. Id you do this, you will end up blaming your kids and you might lose your family.

Between business and family, remember that family should always come first. This philosophy will lead you to success.

All About Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs

All About Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs

Malaysian women entrepreneurs today are still facing a considerable number of obstacles. You see, venturing in new markets can be a problem for Malaysian women entrepreneurs simply because of the fact that information can be hard to obtain.

We all know that you need information in order to start a proper business venture. You will need to know about:

a) The market - is there an available market for your product? This determines how well you can expect your product or service to be received. The market determines how much profit you will be able to make. Do you think that people will be wiling to pay the prices you set? Will your market last, or are you experiencing some kind of fad?

Without proper knowledge of the market, Malaysian women entrepreneurs can end up spending a lot of money on complete and utter failures.

b) The finances - you also need proper information as to the costs and the profits you can expect from your business. Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs mainly because of the objective of profit. By having the correct financial information, you can successfully plan out your business and where you think that venture will take you.

Difficulty in obtaining financial information can cause Malaysian women entrepreneurs to make wrong decisions. You see, you need to be able to estimate your finances ion the best possible manner in order to set up a business correctly.

c) Comparative studies - you need to obtain accurate information about similar businesses in order to know what to expect when starting your business venture. You see, it is often hard for Malaysian women entrepreneurs to obtain accurate and up-to-date information. This can lead to some pretty serious lapses of judgment.

Hypes and fads occur all the time. You need accurate information in order to see if a business that was popular last week is still feasible today.

Another problem encountered by Malaysian women entrepreneurs is lack of networking. You see, connections are important when running your own business. By establishing connections with other Malaysian women entrepreneurs you get a lot of advantages, including:

1) Information sharing - information is easier to obtain if you have a number of people keeping their eyes and ears open. By forming a network with other Malaysian women entrepreneurs, you actually get the opportunity to gather more information, providing you also share what you know.
2) Advice - in starting your own business, you need all the help you can get. How can you get it if you don't network with other Malaysian women entrepreneurs? Nobody can claim to know everything about business, but within a network, you can come pretty close.

3) Pooling of resources - by networking with other Malaysian women entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to share resources. We all know that businesses suffer losses. However, being in a network can help you recover quickly from any type of defeat. Entrepreneurial networks today actually have help systems which try and support members when their business is facing a crisis.

Fortunately enough, there actually is a group that Malaysian women entrepreneurs can turn to when they need help. The National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) was formed with the objective of helping Malaysian women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and become globally competitive.

NAWEM actually provides Malaysian women entrepreneurs with different types of help. The organization conducts trainings and seminars designed to help Malaysian women entrepreneurs expand their skills and gain more knowledge regarding entrepreneurship.

NAWEM also provides Malaysian women entrepreneurs with various opportunities to help them penetrate their target market. You see, by joining an association like this, Malaysian women entrepreneurs finally get the edge they need. The group can act as a network, letting Malaysian women entrepreneurs share resources and information. The organization strives to fulfill the shortcomings of the individual.

NAWEM also helps Malaysian women entrepreneurs with their financial needs, giving them grants or loans in order to help them expand their ideas and business ventures. In doing so, they also strive to better the status of Malaysian women entrepreneurs. They also help these women by providing them with guidance and leadership. Entering the business world can be quite confusing, but an organization like NAWEM can help you find your way.

How the Internet Helps Entrepreneurs' Home Businesses

How the Internet Helps Entrepreneurs' Home Businesses

The internet is one tool that has revolutionized the way we do everything. The speed and connectivity offered by the internet has made the world smaller, and has brought people closer together. In fact, the internet has made us realize the fact that we now live in a global community and that everything we do affects the world around us.

The internet surely has gone a long way in changing the way we live. But how exactly has the internet changed entrepreneurs' home businesses?

As mentioned before, the internet has brought the world closer together. This means the every business has the potential for a global market. What does this mean? Well, the internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs' home businesses to have customers far away from home.

There used to be a time when "home business" meant that an entrepreneur would have to endure having customers from his or her immediate community. Having a home business usually meant that your market was limited, until such a time when you can get your venture out of the house and into the world.

Did you ever wonder how hard the big companies of today had to work in order to get out of their homes? You see, everyone has to start somewhere and most of the big corporations today often started as home-based.

The internet helps people shorten the time they have to wait until their business gets off the ground. The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses get the push it needs to cater to a global market. You see, the internet actually allows you to have the whole world as a target. Because of this, many entrepreneurs actually take their business to the internet.

Home-based businesses aren't what they used to be. Now, because of the internet, entrepreneurs' home businesses actually mean that the lucky businessmen actually get to stay at home while they make their cash. More and more people are opening up online businesses because of the simple fact that they get to make money easier this way.

Remember that entrepreneurs are the richest people in the world. Lawyers may make a lot of money, executives may have big salaries, but entrepreneurs pay these people for their services. So who do you think is really at the top of the chain?

The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses in a lot of other ways. With the internet, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. This means that you practically have the whole world at the palm of your hand.

Because of this, entrepreneurs have access to every piece of information that can affect their business ventures. We all know how vigilant one must be of things that one cannot control. The market is a very erratic factor in business, with people changing their preferences all the time. Through the internet, entrepreneurs' home businesses can be prepared for any possible events.

Having all this information also allows you to take a closer look at competition. What sets those businesses apart? What is the competition's weakness? How can you get ahead in the market? These questions and more can be answered by a simple search on the internet.

The internet also allows you access to people. This means that you can reach important contacts and make business decisions faster. Entrepreneurs' home businesses prosper because the internet allows these businesses to have the best of help. The internet allows you to get expert advice and quickly.

The internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses by making opportunities easier to access. This means that entrepreneurs can keep a constant lookout for any chances of expanding their businesses. The earlier you learn of an opportunity, the better your chance of getting it.

So, in general, the internet helps entrepreneurs' home businesses by giving them an edge. The internet speed things up and allows you to save time on making business-related decisions. Then internet also allows you to multi-task, that is, you get to do multiple things at once. Because of this, the internet is a very valuable technology indeed. But most of all the fact that you now have the world as your potential market gives you a little boost in confidence. Surely, there must be people in the whole world who are willing to pay good money for your product or service, right?

Where to Find Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

Where to Find Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

The world of entrepreneurship, once evolved among the masculine and the brave has now become a common place among both men and women.

We have seen the tides change and its already far too long since we last heard that this thing is for men and another thing is for women. There no longer is a separation of opportunities, all of us are already playing on the same terrain.

The sad thought though is that there are too few funding resources and help groups for women entrepreneurs. Good funding resources are very crucial especially for women who are just starting out with business. These are rare indeed that is why women tend to resort to using their credit cards, family loans and assistance from friends which in most cases are hardly ever helpful.

But you see, funding for a business is only one of the many problems among women entrepreneurs. They may also be having troubles in building websites, juggling with researches and making press releases for promotions of enterprise. And hey there are also problems in selling one or two of their products and in contacting clients. Though all that may sound difficult, they surely are worth the time of woman entrepreneur.

 After all, it is her business she is building in here.

Various organizations and the government has seen all the hardships a woman entrepreneur has to undergo to be able to make it to the supposedly men's world. This is why they have provided programs for minority businesses to see what its like being among the greats in the businesses, or atleast experience some of their glories.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and is interested in getting grants, the first thing you would want to do is to identify if you are qualified for being given a grant.

The most common qualifications are:
§ Obviously, you should be a female or depending on the program, must come from the minority sector
§ You must own the majority share in your business
§ And your business must show lucrative opportunities for growth

There are a number of government and private agencies that provide grants for women entrepreneurs at various levels.

Say for the federal level, women can undergo self-certification and apply for the Central Contracting Registry database from which many government and private contractors gather to search for small business.

Other programs may be seen on local level where advantages are presented and benefits are granted. Its just the matter of finding them and apply for one that you think you can create your real potentials from.

And because of their own commitment to provide diversified services and opportunities, large corporations are also creating grants for women entrepreneurs. Normally, these large companies were mandated by the federal government to create further services to improve their employment base and to create equal allocations for small business owners.

Well, if you cannot be reached by these options you may always turn to your previous employer and create a market for him, make him your first client. Only, you need to be very careful and see if this would actually pass to your previous boss. If you aren't tactful enough, you might find yourself facing resignation or losing your job. This might be risky but don't be too afraid. Most former employers do make outsourcing for their previous workers t help them start create their own businesses. After all, this will provide them with an extra chance to leverage their compliance to their set-aside goals.

Be warned though that the application process for grants may be time consuming and very demanding. Oftentimes, the providers set specific time for waiting periods with regards to the processing of the grants for women entrepreneurs. And sometimes, bureaucracies may even take the toll of having you wait for several months before your certification is released.

And being an applicant, please anticipate unusual questions to pop up. These might include those that you would not normally hear or expect.

Keep in mind also that grants for women entrepreneurs are meant to help you have that break and not to supply you with an unlimited meal vouchers. So be on guard. Many agencies and grant providers may even cut out their services to you out of convenience. Meaning, they need not provide an explanation in doing so. They just do most of the time.

Some Business Opportunities for Filipino Entrepreneurs

Some Business Opportunities for Filipino Entrepreneurs

If you would only look, there may be gold all over your horizon.

There surely are many opportunities open for you as a Filipino, only you would have to open your doors to them. They may be pouring at your doorstep but you haven't welcomed them yet. Don't be too tied with business opportunities that most common people turn to. Well, this may be the safe way but safe paths don't always lead to green pasture…nor to gold mines.

Filipino entrepreneurs are often characterized as conservatives to the extent that they are fearful of taking risks. But you see, sometimes, we have to delve into the unknown and the untested before we actually find the opportunities for us. Sometimes, we have to wait and sometimes we have to be patient at what we are being offered to.

There simply are too many opportunities for any entrepreneur trying to establish their own businesses. Though there might be an overflow, too few truly succeed. Well, success is a complicated matter that deals on a variety of factors that occur on varying frequencies and manners of appearances.

Some Filipino entrepreneurs have for their whole lives, toiled over success yet gained nothing in the end. They invested incalculable time and money on ventures that they though would work for them yet success seem to have gone far from their paths. Others though are luckier. A little spar of inspiration and some risk taking factors are their only requirements for them to get to point B from point A.

We cannot characterize fully how we can manage to get from a point to another. The thing is, we have to know what truly we want for ourselves and reach for the things that are rightfully ours. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are fooled into believing that a business opportunity is for them when all the while, something else will actually work better. It's just the matter of finding your vein. Of finding the things that you are good at or potentially good at.

There are as many types of business opportunities for different Filipino entrepreneurs as much as there is no single personality for everyone of us. We have to actually search into our skills and talents so we can find perfect matches with the current trends.

Since we cannot cater individual issues in here, we have just gathered some of the hottest trends among business entrepreneurs which you might find interesting. We have also included brief discussions relating to them. Here are some of the following:

Healthcare business for medically inclined Filipino entrepreneurs
If you have profit enough and knowledge enough in running businesses dealing with nurses, healthcare and medical professionals, you may choose to run an agency for caregiver work. Caregiving is actually a perfect trend since it grows so extensively in the past year along with the growth of the baby boomers. This kind of business require more training and licensing which may be done within 9 months of operations.

Internet writing business for Filipinos who have the hack for writing
The internet has become a pool of businesses in the past years. With the increase of websites offering MLM opportunities and online selling, it is unquestionable that broods of enterprises have also emerged.

One of the few which have gained great popularity is the writing business. The problem comes with the limited supply of good writers and keeping the supply of the business flowing.

Lately, website owners have thought of using articles in promoting their websites, both for research and for selling their products. This gave the business a good supply of customers.

Obviously, writing must be your forte and you have to be creative in searching for some good writers. The business is lucrative yet competition is high.

Auction Site Trading Assistant for Trend Setters
Because of continuous growth in sales and services among auction websites, many people are now required in managing them and in keeping things smooth. People selling in auction sites should gain familiarity of the processes involved in them. You as an entrepreneur can penetrate into them and create a pool of trading assistants to extend services for auctions sites like ebay.com and amazon.com. 

Scrapbooking retail shops for Filipino scrappers
Scrapbooking has proved to be one of the fastly growing industries. Its popularity has even exceeded that of golf. Scrapbooking retail shops sell virtually anything from bottle caps to papers to markers and to anything and everything in between. If you have the kick for scrapping yourself or if you want to venture into a business that is both fun and easy, you may try this. However, like with all other businesses you have to take risks like failure of management or unforeseen problems.

There you go, they are only some of the best selling business opportunities for Filipinos these days. There are many others, only you need to be willing to take risk in venturing their realms.

Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs: How to Lead the Philippines

Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs: How to Lead the Philippines

We are left way behind now. And we'll continually slipping unless some people take their parts in rebuilding a country that has once promised an "empire".

Some years back, we were at par with countries that has now formed the "greats" of Asia. Now, we are struggling to tap the way back while all of them has already reached their glory days.

With widespread need to globalize and get into the game with the BIGS and the POWERFULS, many Filipinos are quite skeptical if we'll even make it. Well, we need to wake up and reunite our paths back to the course it had before. And with barriers falling on us, it is easier to assume that we need to work harder, harder than what we have first imagined.

In the new trends, Filipino entrepreneurs will have to invest their money on things that need immediate support. This does not necessarily mean that we must act as saviors of our country. Nevertheless, it is common sense to focus on things that are most lucrative.

Famous Filipino entrepreneurs, despite the doubled risks of not getting through still have mustered the will to take them.

It is not easy making business here in the Philippines. With frequent economic fluctuations and inconsistent growth and failure, it easy to give on the first storm that comes. But those people, who have made themselves great risk takers still forced their eyes open to invest in a country that is slipping down. To save it? Probably. But it is more like really finding the hidden potentials that the country has to offer. And they are not few. Only they are hidden.

Famous Filipino entrepreneurs were all once young people with dreams. They tapped the idea and grabbed all opportunities that will shed light to that thought. They all took the initial risks, they even have probably enjoyed the beginner's luck. But that first streak of luck was only temporary. Then came the risks that almost broke them down. Then they willed themselves to set aside comforts in exchange for hardy lives that later became the foundation of their business.

The businesses that became the inspiration for other young entrepreneurs to follow and the businesses that gave hope to those who were once hopeless. The jobs that they have produced are so extensively effective that they sparked new hopes to budding entrepreneurs.

Famous Filipino entrepreneurs are not famous because their names are published on magazines or they were invited in talk shows and the likes. They were famous because they reached lives through providing jobs.

Jobs are the vehicles for making other Filipinos feel their worth and their self-esteem. These create more productive individuals useful in rebuilding a country. And the jobs that they were able to produce paved ways for making our country worthy of becoming a player in the world market again.

Famous Filipino entrepreneurs developed the power to harness creativity from the people and modify their talents to achieve mutual benefits. They sparred the country to move forwards.

The progress may be slow, and it is really slow. With some exceptions, almost everything aren't new. In fact, the moguls are still those who elated themselves to the pedestal before the war.

The capitalistic community of the Philippines may not be as strong or as refreshed as those that may be found in other states. We may be weak. We may be left behind. But the thing is, despite every hurdle that we encounter, including those that are pulling us behind, young entrepreneurs are still hopeful in making business in the Philippines.

Famous Filipino entrepreneurs were the once who have toughed the tides. They were those who believed in revolutionizing things and in innovating systems that are adapted to our conditions.

They may be formed from the classic story of being once a son or daughter of poverty who happened to had the will to take the risks and embark into the unknown. They mastered themselves along the way and mastered other people. Thus, they succeed. That may be the formula for becoming a famous Filipino entrepreneur but it can be seen in many ways possible. Central to such stories though is the willingness to be a risk taker and to take the leadership to lead oneself and to lead other people for your common good.

Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs: Their Key Qualities That Spell Out Success

Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs: Their Key Qualities That Spell Out Success

When asked about what they want to become in the future, youngsters would often settle for the answer that they do want to be billionaires instead of gaining recognition from award-giving bodies, becoming popular athletes, or landing as famous scientists. What has happened to the young generation? Well, they cannot be blamed. Life has been too harsh all through these years and it is just a natural response for people to prefer gaining their billions whenever they get the chance.

Research studies show how almost a hundred thousand of people earn their millions in every year just in the entire United States! Well, majority of these people are owners of personal businesses. Simply dealing with the matter, these people have started working on their own business ventures so that they will be able to get their profits in due time. Some kind of inspiration, right? So if you want to be a millionaire, learn to work out with a worthy investment! You can always do it. Just arm yourself with enough funds and careful organization of your business plans plus the right attitude, then you can right away expect some profits rolling into your pockets. Don’t you feel excited over the matter?

Okay, so you feel excited. But then becoming an entrepreneur yourself is confronted with lots of risks. It is no easy task, mind you. Take into account that not all people are qualified to be successful entrepreneurs since they are not born and made to be one. You may be very rich, famous, and influential but if you lack the traits to become successful in the area of business, then you cannot do anything with it. You cannot probably alter the course of your destiny.

Now who said that only the American people are gifted to be famous entrepreneurs? Do not take away the fact that Filipinos are in more ways than one very resourceful, persevering, and determined to be millionaires as well. That is why, in the Philippine setting, there are several names that can be mentioned when it comes to being successful entrepreneurs. So what makes them famous and successful? Of course they will not be branded with such reputation if they did nothing to boost their reputations and images in the world of business.

Here are some notable traits that make them famous and successful:

Common Sense. Not all Filipino entrepreneurs have attained the greatest education from the finest schools. There are those who had not even experienced earning their degrees but they are in pedestals right now. The role of their common sense is very vital. In fact, one’s common sense serves as a strong foundation for his success. Common sense is literally taken as the capability to create rational judgments on certain issues. Being confronted with the harsh realities of life, Filipino entrepreneurs credit their sound judgment to their previous experiences and gained or stock knowledge.

Clear Knowledge about the Field. It will likely be easy to start a business which is in line with one’s passion, expertise, and knowledge. How can the entrepreneur create decisions if he does not even know how to run the business?

Self Confidence. Being confident allows a person to face the everyday challenges heaped upon him. If an entrepreneur lacks self confidence, he will be readily pulled down by the obstacles that come his way. Though there are no specific guarantees in the business world, yet failures must teach the entrepreneur a lesson worth remembering. Although there are downfalls suffered from, an entrepreneur must always be ready to stand up.

Getting Things Done. Hardworking and persistent—Filipino entrepreneurs possess these traits. Once a thing has been planned to be started with, it must be done and finished all the way down. Self discipline must be mastered also.

Being Creative. Aside from being resourceful, Filipinos are also known to be very creative. They can in fact create worthy items out of trash. Filipino entrepreneurs are creative in devising methods in line with marketing and managing their companies.

Leadership Skills. How can a business run smoothly without staff members to get on with the right flow? An entrepreneur must be a good model in terms of leadership. He must have the ability to influence people and lead them into action. 

Self Reliance. Filipinos may tend to be overconfident as others perceive them to be. But as the famous Filipino entrepreneurs turn out to be, they are able to take full responsibility of their actions. They know how to trust themselves and be decisive in making decisions.

Overall, Filipino entrepreneurs are famous because they are unique in their own rights.

The Making of Famous Entrepreneurs

The Making of Famous Entrepreneurs

Everyone has an equal chance for fame… now I'm starting to doubt on that.

Well, can we actually believe that all of us can be famous someday? Maybe with a good streak of luck and some real hard work then we might all come to the point of becoming famous. However, not all of us have luck. And though many of us have dreams of comfortable and luxurious life, the majority of us cannot stand up from our asses and make something useful.

It is easy to dream dreams and wish wishes. But it is never easy to create wheels to drive our dreams nor our wishes to their realizations. Success never comes overnight. It has to be built somewhere and it has to be willed to come.

Success is one element wherein active participation from the aspirant is very badly required. No one can be famous without doing anything, may it be good or bad. And no oaf can be turned into a mogul without having to spend time devising ways and mustering courage to be one. Someway, we all must invest on some things that would cause us to be productive.

Braving the world of entrepreneurs is such that one has to really muster all the resources he has, risk it all in one chance and take the consequences in return. The bad thing though is that risk, by nature cant be equated at any assurances. You just have to take the risks and accept what they are or leave them and be forever resentful that you didn't even took time and see what truly lies ahead your muddled living.

Fame, on the other hand, is corollary with success. In most cases, people who are successful are equally famous. They are distinguished through their achievements, which if we truly are to analyze are standing above those achieved by common people. Their accomplishments paved their way to becoming famous entrepreneurs. This is almost inevitable as all people who have done great jobs normally received favorable acceptance in a group or community. Thus, they are elated to heights not reached by those who did not shed time to make their parts.

What makes successful entrepreneurs famous is not the name they bear. Well somehow the name has the parts on it. It is not also the companies they were able to build. Or is it the people that they were able to develop. What make them famous are their successes behind those successes. One good point to argue is their personal development after having to go through all the hardships of entrepreneurship.

Now can you ask yourself, will I make it to the entrepreneurial world? The answer lies only on you.

If you said yes then it is proper to say that the stage is now open for you to take the risks, make the changes and be the person you have dreamed and wished to be all your life.

I think it is worth repeating that being an entrepreneur entails that you become a good risk taker. If you already have this quality on you then the lesser work you have to put. However, if not then courage must be integrated in your personality. It takes so much will for one to actually be able to gather his strength and manipulate the risks towards his own advantage. We cannot teach risk-taking here, you have to know where does the vein starts. Find it in you.

Just a word to remember though, don't be too brave in taking risks.

Remember that when starting with your business, the fastest way to kill yourself is to be overly confident against the risks that face you. You have to test grounds first and see if you can cross the water with all things that you have. Equate the chances of failure against success and make decisions according to your sound, calculated judgement. Keep in mind that most entrepreneurs, before even reaching the point of fame, have already self-destruct or died of natural death. Don't be like most of them. Keep faith in your pocket, have enough load of strength and believe that you can be a master to failures.

You see, at the end of the day, anyone truly ahs the equal opportunity for fame. Only we have to take our parts on living that opportunity.

Famous Entrepreneurs: The Business Aside Comes Personal Development

Famous Entrepreneurs: The Business Aside Comes Personal Development

If there were one thing central to doing business, that would be towards developing your self. And that exactly what famous entrepreneurs go through.

Well, it's only between them and themselves after all. The battles they have to get through and the risks they needed to confront to be able to get from square one to the second juncture of your business will all pour down as instruments for their own self-realization.

Since personal development is different from one person to another, we cannot give an actual characterization or pattern for various stimulus (e.g. risk taking, failure of business transactions, lack of funds, etc.), even as we see them unfolding for famous entrepreneurs.

If you want to be like them, it would not harm if you follow these guidelines.

Discovering where you are good at is one of the earliest stage in becoming an entrepreneur of your own business. Knowing your forte and turning it into productive means will not only produce a good source of income for you but will also extensively nurture you as a person. There is no telling how much you would improve once you become the founder of a business you decided to take.

As many of us would agree, getting the most of life's lesson will only be possible if you are taken at the center of all the challenges. That way, you would get to experience things first hand. And you would learn to cope up with the pressing problems in ways you thought would have been impossible if you were not the captain of it all.

In a sense, venturing into business entrepreneurship does not only mean that you'll get better (or worse) financially. It also requires you to develop yourself full-blown depending on your reactions to specific risks and problems you would have deal with.

Operating a new enterprise or embarking on a new operation you have not done before is surely a thing that would create developments in you. Before you do you must know the risks and be able to prepare yourself with the possible failures that are their eternal parts. The way you would handle them will be able to test your limits and will be used as boundary points when similar undertakings come in the course of your business. You must know that you alone is accountable for all your decisions in attempt to make your own business grow. You must understand that it is not those who labor for you or those who share the capital with you who will spell the success. It is you, as the entrepreneur will decide what courses to take. Thus you'll either lead your group to success or failure.

With each trials you have, you and your group will meet new changes that will require you to go with the flow or to go beyond it. Both ways, you will hone yourselves. Both ways, you will learn to cope. And both ways your personalities will be taken into newer heights. Thus you will develop.

Therefore, personal development in the business world is largely dependent on how you manipulate factors. 

Chances are small that you would not grow, even if your business fails. The fact that you have taken responsibilities on things that only few take is reason enough for you to consider as a pathway for self-realization.

Business entrepreneurs are specifically knowledgeable of the opportunities that lay in their paths. They are keen to various chances in pursuing growth in areas like professionalism and personal development.

Some may not actually realize the extent of their progress. Nevertheless, once something is changed in them and that something has changed towards good, there is absolutely a degree of productive change which whether they choose it or not, will be applied to other things important to wholesome living.

As we have repeatedly implied, the opportunity for personal development is high in the business world. Business entrepreneurs, to be able to meet success, should have a good combination of attitudes, skills, beliefs systems and training. All these would work together towards extending product services to those that need them.

People who have been through extreme hardships are those who are most beautiful. They have learned to take risks and turn those risks into opportunities. They have learned to compromise their present leisure in exchange for future growth. They have learned to welcome failures and prove other people's doubts wrong. They have learned through their everyday business battles that it is always too late for giving up. 

Home based businesses also provide financial avenues entrepreneur

You may not gain initially. After all, businesses don't always have smooth beginnings, you may even fail. However, once you have toughed the initial tides, you will soon see the advances of having your own office right inside your bedroom. The absence of transportation expenses, your time wasted on commuting and your having to deal with the bosses are reasons enough why you should switch job.

The need to buy power suits and workday attires will also add up to your income. And because you work at home, you can save money on office rental and all expenses that comes with it. Thus, the income you generate will only flow back to your business.

You also have the command over your performances and the consequent benefits that come with it. You no longer have to work for a company or a boss that you do not want working for yet you don't have a choice but do.

Once you become a home based entrepreneur, there's no more stressing out all your nerves to get the promotion or salary increase that you desire. Its like having your financial freedom while freeing yourself from the chains of people who seem to gain control over your own life.

Home based businesses also provide financial avenues for people who don't normally get good jobs.

Home based businesses scream of personal freedom. These provide opportunities to have your whole time for yourself. Home based entrepreneurs definitely have neither corporate cultures to abide by, nor time clocks to maximize and bosses to serve. Instead, they gain freedom in working on the time and in manners that they chose with the benefit of doing all these inside their homes.

There are of course drawbacks to these. Entrepreneurs working home based should have developed ideal time management and control over themselves. It is tempting to stop working for a while and enjoy luxurious treats to yourself. Without discipline, you might find yourself confronted with the loss of income because you felt good resting.

If there is one great advantage to home based business, that is freedom from stress.

Stress makes life more unbearable. It created paths to self-depreciation, to stunted growth. Home working has greatly reduced stresses. There are no deadlines to hit or politics that you can't help but get involved with. You have liberty over deadlines and schedules that you have no control of. The only thing you have to mind is your work and the deadlines you have set for yourself.

Open-Secrets of Famous American Entrepreneurs

Open-Secrets of Famous American Entrepreneurs: Advantages of Being a Home Based Business Entrepreneur

A decade ago, it was unimaginable for Americans to live in ease while working at home. However, trends have revolutionized primarily with the integration of computers and internet in our lifestyles. The good combination of these two has paved way for the growth of new business trends.

You need not look beyond your own home for work. In fact, many corporate people are now looking within the comforts of their own rooms to get their living. This is the reality that we are faced now. You always have a choice- to go with the trend or live forever bounded by the systems of stresses and everyday tension surrounding corporate living.

American entrepreneurs, and they're not few, are discovering the benefits of establishing home based businesses. The ideal state of our economy and the progressive realization for change in lifestyles became the foundations for creating home-based businesses. Many Americans are now beginning to mix their careers with their families, to the outcome of making it to the rat race while being able to enjoy family lives. And that, for most have put them to the pedestal as famous American entrepreneurs.

There are of course many take aways when you start your own home based business. However, you will soon gather the benefits after you get used with the lifestyle. Who knows what you may turn out to in the end? Nevertheless, these are the normal patterns and advantages that entrepreneurs deciding to establish home based business acquire:

Reaping financial benefits is the central thing to becoming famous in American entrepreneurship. statistics would provide us that home based entrepreneurship offers equally attractive financial gains as compared with those that we might get from corporate living. Be ready though for the risks that you might get yourself into.

Unstable income characterizes home based entrepreneurs. They normally don't get the same fixed salaries. However, they are the ones who can set their own monthly finances.

Why Enroll at an Entrepreneur University

Why Enroll at an Entrepreneur University

Because in today's business landscape, running a business requires well-honed knowledge and skills more than just capital, ideas and stamina that's why.

While arguments could be that many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs have no business diploma, some of them are even school dropouts, the statistics stacked for not succeeding is still staggering. Even the best of ideas in the best people will from time to time need some sanity check.  You will find this out to be true in the future whether you have already succeeded or like the majority have failed.  Why take chances then.

True, there are the so-called intangibles in a person that makes him succeed at business as though possessing a touch that one can not easily dip a finger into. This is of course a very important component to anyone conducting a business. But then entrepreneurship could be taught and learned, and just like creativity, it could be developed and honed to higher levels.

The entrepreneurial landscape is not easy. It is pock marked and dotted with failures and that includes those who are passionate about what they are doing. It is a highly competitive and dynamic force out there made more complicated by fast changing technology that could revise processes overnight. One of the strongest arguments about not succeeding in entrepreneurship points out to the amount or the lack of investment in oneself at self-discovery. The question is then whether to enroll at an Entrepreneur University or not, rather what field of endeavor what one wants to get into.  

You may or may not need an MBA but you could seldom get away without training on managerial accounting and finance, strategic positioning, technological trends, business law, business planning, negotiation, business statistics and economics, marketing, product development and to a degree, global trends to name some.

Some may require so much attention that could require an experienced eye to check out. Take for example a simple business plan.

A business plan as we already know is the blue print at which a business is to be conducted. Whether the intention is to present the plan to a banker or not, the principle is the same. It needs special attention to details. So many times, someone doing a business plan will have his focus on achieving the bigger picture, which is by the way correct, except that details towards its achievement is incomplete (if not too ideal). The information too are sometimes superficial that could only often be detected and remedied by a trained and an experienced professional better yet, most plans could be improved by a more comprehensive training.

Creativity too is very essential in running a successful venture. Now what is that? Creativity is the bulb that lights up a path. It is fun and it is what makes your approach and solutions unique. We all have it in varying degrees but it is an accepted fact that for most of us who wants more of it, creativity could be developed faster in an atmosphere where there is an exchange of ideas and interaction. 

These are two of the different aspects that is critical in running a business. Other things could include setting up processes, legal structures, finance and cash flows, recording and records keeping, controls, monitors etc.

The sweet part is that there are Entrepreneur Universities that allows you to taper the course to your immediate and practical requirement and is specific to your needs.

No matter what, those that are critical to running a business and should be offered by good entrepreneur universities may include:

§ Advertising,
§ Basic Bookkeeping,
§ Basic Business Management,
§ Basic Financing,
§ Business Financial Management,
§ Business Planning,
§ Choosing a name,
§ Choosing people,
§ Equipment and supplies,
§ Financial resources,
§ Insurance,
§ Legal structure,
§ Marketing,
§ Operations and Production Management,
§ Public Relations,
§ Record keeping,
§ Sales and
§ Startup Processes

It should also offer and provide training on Accounting/Taxation, Building a Culture/Team
Building Your Company's Vision, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Crisis Management, Initial Public Offerings, Growth management, Negotiation, Networking, Personnel and Compensation, Product Development, Strategy, Technology and applications and Venture Capital.

This may sound like a long list, but as mentioned previously, needs could be tapered to individual requirements. One thing for sure though is one does not have to take up a course in an entrepreneur university that may not really be required for an entrepreneurs actual business applications.