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Business Strategy Planning, Development and Improvement Software - Prowike Business Tool KitsPart 1 - SWOT analysis
A SWOT analysis is performed together with the management group and all of the employees concerned in order to identify the company's strengths, weaknesses, threats and options. The purpose of the analysis is also to collect ideas, proposals and tips for improvements and rationalisations from the employees in all departments throughout the organisation. The analysis is performed directly online, easily and efficiently, on the basis of a tried and tested battery of questions.

Part 2 - Strategy programme
Based on the result of the analysis, the management produces a proposal for a future vision and business strategy that are firmly established among all of the employees. An improvement portfolio is then compiled with detailed measures that are linked to concrete objectives.

Part 3 - The project site
After you have presented the result, you will have 12 months' access to a project site that you use to implement all of the measures that have been identified. This is where you write status reports so that all of the people concerned can see that the work is continuing according to plan and that no valuable proposed measures lose momentum.

Project coach
You also have access to a project coach for 12 months who will guide you through the project. All you need to do is email your question to the coach and you will receive a response by telephone, SMS or email.

Easy to use
The online software has been developed with emphasis on user friendliness and results, which means that no more than fundamental management experience and normal computer awareness are required to use the software. Nor is any difficult installation or any maintenance required since everything is on a secure server and all service and maintenance is taken care of by Prowike.

Project period
The project takes around 6-8 weeks to implement.

* 12-month licence with project coach and training.


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